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Market Conduct Annual Statement Filing Instructions
and Database

The reporting requirements, instructions, and necessary databases will be posted on the NAIC's website at http://www.naic.org/industry_market_conduct_statement.htm

A separate filing is required for each company within a group required to report in Louisiana. Data for affiliated companies may not be combined into one submission for the MCAS. Do not submit filings for companies that are not licensed in Louisiana and/or do not meet the minimum level of subject premium during the period under review.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Data Call and Definition document posted on the NAIC website and check the Market Conduct Annual Statement FAQs on the NAIC website first to see if an answer to your question has already been posted. If your question has not been answered on the NAIC website, you can submit new questions or request information by sending an e-mail to the NAIC Staff Support assigned to the MCAS as listed on the NAIC website. Questions submitted to the NAIC Staff Support will be reviewed and responded to by the participating states. You may also contact the Market Conduct Division at (225) 342-9173.