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Division Contacts

Louisiana Health Care Commission

The Louisiana Health Care Commission (LHCC) reviews and studies the issues affecting the availability, affordability and delivery of quality health care in Louisiana. The commission conducts public meetings to receive information and testimony from regional and national experts on health care access issues. The Commissioner of Insurance submits an annual report to the Legislature on the studies, actions and recommendations of the LHCC. The commission also participates in examining implementation issues related to national health care reform initiatives.

The LHCC was created by Act 1068 during 1992 Louisiana Legislative Session. The advisory board meets quarterly each year and is composed of health care experts and other interested parties, including health care insurers and providers, community leaders and representatives of various consumer interests. Membership also include representatives from the governing boards of Louisiana's colleges and universities, the Senate and House Committees on Insurance and at-large appointments designated by the Commissioner of Insurance.

The LHCC also hosts an annual health care conference each spring in Baton Rouge to discuss local and national health care issues affecting Louisiana policyholders, employers and producers. To view materials from the latest health care conference, including video highlights, please click here.