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Certified Reinsurers

Certified Reinsurer Application

Form CR-1

Applicable Louisiana Laws
La. R.S. 22:651(E)
LAC 37:XIII.3510 (Regulation 56)
Advisory Letter 2014-02 (Qualified Jurisdictions)

Qualified Jurisdictions
Accredited US Jurisdictions
NAIC List of Qualified Jurisdictions

Applicants Seeking Certified Reinsurer Status
Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to LAC 37:XIII.3510.B.1, an application has been filed by the following applicants to act as certified reinsurers in the state of Louisiana:

Federal/Alien ID Applicant Name Jurisdiction Application Date Notice Date Comment Deadline
AA-3190770 ACE Tempest Reinsurance Ltd. Bermuda 10/8/2014 10/13/2014 11/13/2014

All interested persons are invited to submit written comments in connection with the proposed applications within thirty days following publication of this notice to:

Louisiana Department of Insurance
P.O. Box 94214
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
Attn: Office of Financial Solvency

Listing of Certified Reinsurers

Federal/Alien ID Certified Reinsurer Name Jurisdiction Rating Effective Date
AA-3194126 Arch Reinsurance Ltd Bermuda Secure-3 10/1/2014
AA-1340125 Hannover Rück SE Germany Secure-2 10/1/2014

Certified reinsurers whose rating was downgraded or status was revoked, or withdrawn during past year: