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Helpful Insurance Tips for Storm Victims

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Katrina Related Publications:

Cobra Extended Health Care Coverage

Hurricane Mediation Program

Arson and Insurance Fraud

Flood Insurance For Older Car

How to Handle Road Rage

Reporting False Insurance Claims

Who Does the Adjuster Work For?

After the Hurricane Hits

Be on the look out for fraud

Cleaning Up After the Storm

Evacuees covered under homeowners column

What should I do if my property is flooded?

Going to a hospital outside your health plan when displaced by a hurricane

About your mortgage company keeping some of the insurance settlement

General Publications:

Consumer Beware - A top ten list of things you can do to stop insurance fraud.

Consumer's Guide to Auto Insurance - Shopping tips, update on auto insurance laws, policy terminology, and discount information.

Consumers' Guide to Homeowners Insurance - Shopping tips, policy terminology, discount information and easy-to-use worksheets make this series a consumer favorite.

Weathering the Storm - A colorful booklet with advice on how to handle your insurance needs before, during and after a storm.